Breath~Strength~Integrity~Spirit “Ana Forrest has spent 30 years developing Forrest Yoga to address physical and emotional stresses and challenges. Intense pose sequences, compassionately taught, develop skills in awakening each of the senses. This practice teaches students how to bring aliveness, using breath, into every cell of the body. This ignites passion for living. The mission of Forrest Yoga is to create a sense of freedom, a connection to Spirit, and the courage to walk as Spirit dictates. Doing one’s part in “Mending the Hoop of the People.” Forrest Yoga teaches you how to GO DEEPER, find your TRUTH, and then take these gifts beyond the mat into the rest of your life.”

So what is Spirit you ask?

This is not a spiritual practice, instead it is finding and embracing your authentic self! Going deeper to find your truth, your voice and taking these gifts off the mat and into the rest of your life. Accessing your intuition, the voice of your spirit, builds personal strength and integrity. What’s up with “Mending the Hoop of the People”? The people are you and I, all people…Native Americans, Europeans, Americans, Arabs….are being fairly crazy with violence, ignorance, hatred. Mending the hoop, by bringing back the sanity, respect, compassion brings back an inner balance to notice what matters to you and how we can all work towards health and well being.

Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility, it only requires a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. Based on traditional Hatha Yoga, Ana has made certain deviations making the practice more appropriate for students of today! One example is her strenuous abdominal-strengthening exercises to strengthen the low back. And for those of us who spend hours sitting in front of a computer, there’s a series of poses that work the neck, wrists, upper back and elbows. The four pillars of Forrest are:

  • Breathe deeply, connect in feeling with your body, use the power of BREATH to bring aliveness into your body and life
  • Connect to your CORE, to be strong and centered
  • Intense pose sequences and long holds awaken each of your senses and help you go deeper
  • Heat frees the body of toxins, combined with deep breath to oxygenate every cell in your body
  • Learn to work honestly at your edge and develop tools to deal with fear and struggle bringing INTEGRITY, self-awareness and curiosity into your life
  • Challenges you to heal, grow welcome your SPIRIT home

So have you ever finished a really challenging, heated practice, utilizing the breath to focus the mind and body and resting in Savasana with a sense of peace, that you couldn’t quite put your finger on, but you knew it was different. And this sense of peace stayed with you for days…?

This is Forrest Yoga💜