Do you ever have a day or a week when just noticing if you’re breathing (let alone 3-part breath) is utterly impossible? We all have them and some of us feel like it’s our LIFE! We get so consumed with what we have to do, consumed with the news, the weather, social media, with the ups and downs in our life, that we forget about the very “little things” that make a huge difference on this rollercoaster we call life.

One day last summer, my Mom and I took a day to ourselves. We went for a walk on the beach, collected our fav, yes…rocks, had some lunch, a cup of coffee and a meander through a local book store. I’m a very visual person, so it was the cover of a book that spoke to me. It felt like a cool breeze, like a lazy Sunday afternoon, like a peaceful moment. I picked it up and it felt like it had always been a part of me. A very simple cover with a view of an open window surrounded by multi-colored glass panes. You see the white trim around this window and an interesting wall paper, Moroccan feel, on it’s surrounding walls. In front of the window sits a wooden book stand, with an old book opened up. You’re looking out this “room with a view” to a palm and other green trees.

The name of this book is Sacred Space by Jill Angelo. The inside of this book actually feels like this simple room. So I guess when I picked up this book or as I say when this book picked me…I needed a gentle reminder of the simple things that bring one a sense of peace.

Do you have a space in your home that makes you feel happy? If you pause in that space, you will notice it holds the colors you enjoy, the items you are fond of, the scent that brings comfort to you and maybe the sounds that soothe you, a journal or photos of your life…the “little things”! It may have a simple sense of organization and touch of nature. This “sacred space” may be a room, or a tiny section, even an altar of 1-3 items that speak to the peace within you. Feel the grounding and sense of awakening when you’re in the presence of this space or tiny altar.

For me the colors are watered down blues and greens, the objects are simple reminders of the space in my heart…a picture of my niece and my Dad, a special book, a treasure from a memorable place, there’s a soft, clean scent of a candle and always a touch of nature, a plant or fresh flowers. What is it that speaks to you, that touches your heart, that brings you a moment of peace?

Consider creating a space or collection of items that are YOU, that remind you of your simple pleasures in life….at work, on your bedside table, in your outdoor space, wherever they make you happy💜┬áso when you have one of those days where you can hardly breath, where the focus is foggy and you feel heavy, take a moment breathing in your sacred space, reconnect to what truly is important in you and your life!