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This workshop has been created to connect us with our creative strengths in order to craft a more authentic, happier whole life.  Applying and flexing our strengths in new ways enhances our capacity in the face of anxiety and stressors, and lifts our life satisfaction overall.

Creativity involves seeing and doing things in original or different ways, making and remaking, taking risks, imagining, adapting and experimenting, and often generating something useful, expressive or original. Creativity applies to art, work, home, hobbies, music, meals, problem solving, and much much more. 

In this workshop, we will exercise and stretch our creativity by…

~ Outsmarting limiting beliefs – We all create, but many of us do not yet see ourselves as creative

~ Reflecting on when we have been creative in the past and on what enabled those moments (amplifying the good in ourselves, our life and those around us)

~ Experimenting with imagining a beautiful year ahead

~ Creating a visual reminder to prompt us to practice our unique creativity

This workshop will be co-facilitated by a duo who create in different ways and collaborate as entrepreneurs.  Facilitator, Amy Casazza, is an artist and art educator. Her wingmate, Catherine Flavin, is a leadership coach, “wordist” and social scientist.  Since research shows that meditation enables creativity, Cara Files will offer a guided meditation as well.

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