I can’t recommend Diane’s classes enough! She is warm, friendly, encouraging and her classes are my favorite kind—challenging vinyasa flows with fun transitions and new sequences each and every time. And such a positive energy! I leave every class revitalized, sweaty, and knowing I’ll be feeling it the next day. I love how she pays attention to everyone’s skill level and makes adjustments so you can power up or power down helping everyone find their edge regardless of where they are in their practice. Plus, she regularly throws new and more advanced expressions of poses in the mix keeping class (and yoga, in general!) fresh and exciting. I can’t say enough positive things about Diane and her classes!

Kelly K.

Diane’s classes are just the right balance of strength and calm. What I love is that she leaves space for quiet in her classes. I can go inside and focus on slow, steady breathing without being pushed too quickly or distracted by thrumming music. My only complaint is that I can’t get to her classes often enough!

Andi C.

Thank you for being so authentic in your Yoga practice. I am grateful for the open-hearted practice you lead.


Beautiful space. Amazing energy. It is evident that this studio is truly from the heart.


Beautiful studio and fabulous teachers who warmly welcome clients at all levels.


Beautiful studio, great energy and a lovely group of instructors. There’s a unique spot to privately meditate and set intentions complete with prayer/wishing bowls.

Paula F.

Words really can not express how grateful I am to you. Your beautiful soul, your words, your kind heart truly helped me to get through some tough days and also helped me notice the good ones. Your story, the loss of your niece, and decision to stay with your teacher training during such a difficult time inspired me tor econsider my decision to quit! Thank you for being you, for sharing your heart,for reminding me that no matter what happens, I can get through with an open heart, my practice and surrounding myself with love 

Suzanna S.

An amazing yoga studio in the heart of West Hartford Center! What could be better? Diane, the owner and yoga teacher extraordinaire, has created a serene and beautiful space in which yogis of all experience levels can come to practice and relax. Know that when you come to Yoga From the Heart, you will be warmly welcomed and you will receive the gift of mindful and skillful yoga instruction from the teachers at this studio. So grateful!

Jesse W.